When you’re in an accident or have property damaged by a fire or other natural disaster, it can seem like an eternity for your insurance claim to complete. You’ve been through a trauma and your car or home can be severely damaged. The insurance claims process can be swift, but many people don’t understand how it works.

Once you make that initial call, the gears begin turning to process your claim. It may feel like forever, but your agent is diligently working to get everything concluded as fast as they can. There are times when the process is easy and other times when it takes longer.

Learn how the insurance claims process works and be prepared.

The Claims Process Begins by Contacting Your Insurance Provider

When the accident happens, contact police and ambulance services, if there are any injuries. Once you know everyone is safe, contact your insurance provider. They’ll have instructions for you to follow.

They’ll want you to take pictures of the damage of both cars and get a copy of the police report when ready. It’s the same for property damage or personal property damage like artwork. Take plenty of pictures.

You may not need all the pictures, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you make any repairs to the vehicle to get it working and don’t take pictures, then you may be denied or underpaid without pictures.

The Insurance Adjuster Gets Involved

The insurance provider contacts an insurance adjuster to conduct an investigation into the incident. The goal of the adjuster’s investigation is to understand if your policy covers the damage and how much of the cost is will cover.

The insurance adjuster visits the damaged home or views the damaged car to see how much damage occurred and why. When the investigation is completed, the adjuster goes over what is covered and any deductibles, etc. that you may have.

Adjuster Gets Accurate Damage Analysis

The adjuster needs to know how much the damage will cost to repair. The adjuster may bring in experts such as carpenters, mechanics, etc., to provide a proper estimate of the damage.

Once he understands the costs for the damage, he’ll provide you with a list of contractors preferred by the insurance company. This is a courtesy and you don’t have to use those contractors, but they’ve already been vetted by the insurance company.

Payment is Arranged

The adjuster monitors the progress of repairs on the home, car, etc., and once complete will contact you to arrange payment. Your claim is settled, and payment occurs a short time later. The complexity of the situation determines the payment time.

The entire process can be short, or it could be longer depending on the complexity of the investigation and the severity of the damage.

Insurance Claims are Common

Insurance companies get many claims and they want them concluded as soon as possible. Don’t be frustrated by the claims process because it’s there to protect both you and the insurance company.

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